This programme was established in 2004 to provide scholarships to exceptional young people to complete their high school education at the world's leading boarding schools.

Although we have placed students with a number of institutions in the past (see Our Schools page), our focus going forward is to strengthen our partnership with the UWC network and to maintain a relationship with Eton College (UK).

To be eligible for an Horizon Foundation UWC scholarship, a student must first apply to, and be offered a place by, the UWC National Selection Committee in their home (or adopted) country (see We identify our Eton scholars by working closely with the college and local organisations in Lebanon.

Once attending their respective schools, our scholars have access to host or foster families who act as guardians during their stay in a particular country.

Our scholars range in age from 15-20 when they begin their penultimate year of secondary schooling. They are all from disadvantaged communities in developing countries, who would not otherwise have the means to study further, or to study abroad. They are academically strong enough to be awarded a scholarship on their own merit, have an expressed desire to return to their home (or adopted) community as a change agent and possess a proven record of community service.

Our target regions are the Middle East and Asia, with the majority of our scholars coming from refugee populations.